Welcome to Under Pressure Films

Under Pressure Films is a group of creative and talented people involved in entertainment industry in Los Angeles, CA.

Our purpose is to make films, promote talent in TV & film, and HAVE FUN!!!

Deceitful-   short film / drama 
Lock the Door!  - short film/ drama (experimental)

Deceased Account-  pre-production - short / comedy
Midnight Prophecy - pre-production - short film / mystery


Incognito - webisodes - action/ drama  _______________________________________________________________

  EXECUTIVE STAFF                                                 

  IZABELLA G. RAYNER  - Artistic Director / Actor / Writer

  She began her theater training on stage in Chicago. Later, she
  attended  Theater Arts Program at Rutgers University. In 2006
  she moved to Los Angeles to explore film and TV. Izabella is also
  an accomplished martial artist and photographer. She received her
  first camera at 14 and have been taking pictures ever since. She
  holds a Bachelor's Degree in BioEngineering from University of Illinois.

  GREG MICHALAK - Associate Artistic Director / Producer

  Greg became associated with the film world when he helped out his
  friends in their film projects. He enjoys martial arts, outdoors, camping
  and skiing. Greg received his Juris Doctor degree from Chicago-Kent Law

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